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When you wear clothes that are too small and don't fit you to make yourself look like you have more muscles.
That kid in my lunch is wearing a baby gap shirt.
by JOORELRYLY December 06, 2006
When you insert your male organ in between a female's pregnant stomach and breasts and thrust repeatedly. Results intensify as the pregnancy gets further along.
Dude, I totally Baby Gapped some pregnant bitch I met at the mall today.
by Matthew Donilly May 30, 2008
a euphemism for 'vagina' : the gap where babies come from
I went to Baby Gap the other day.
by Axion22 November 17, 2006
When a girl wears clothes smaller than their actual size to show off their body.
Guy: Oh look baby gap!
Girl: what's baby gap?

Guy: oh its someone who "shops" at a baby store and wears clothes thats too small for them.
by MOE!™ June 07, 2014
one who wears a shirt that is many sizes to small. usually thinks he was a body builder, mac store manager, wind-mill operator, God, person who knows everything

You know who he is!

Baby Gap
by Baby-gap-baby July 01, 2011
Such brands as Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, and Banana Republic because their clothes are made to small for the average man.
Bro #1: Hey, where did you get that sweater, I just love it!

Bro#2: Thanks! I got it from Baby Gap!
by Pjfan2 April 23, 2009
A nickname given to men who are small in size. Usually short with a small build. Can probably fit in children's clothing
Your so small." "So?" "Don't you still fit in Baby Gap clothes? Your in your 30's
by RGSS3 January 28, 2011