A Sperm donor who isn't around to raise his child.
j0! I'm not going to suffer my consequences! I much rather rot in jail then pay child support! I'm just a baby daddy.
by SC hater August 06, 2006
sperm donor only wants to be a father when he thinks he can get sum pussy don't want u and no one else can have u drama any way u look at it drama even before the baby comes
"we are not together we just have a baby together he my baby daddy
by big pooh April 05, 2006
The man whose name is on the child support cheque.
Derrick's my boyfriend, but Jamelle's my baby daddy
by DYSPEPSI September 25, 2010
A guy who won't take care of his kids. Usually it's because he has sex with an ugly bustdown who he uses for one night then kicks to the curb.

They have a baby that's a product of one sexual encounter and it's unwanted and he won't claim to know the baby mama or the kid.
Sarah has many baby daddy.
by pudds2 November 13, 2008
A useless nigger who wont father his child/children
"Dat nigger Rayquan dat I fucked ova at Jamal's, momma's apartment before da police got me fo dat outstandin' warrent is ma son Rayquazine's baby daddy! He gone pay me ma child support cause I need dollaz!"
by 123jerk May 05, 2010
A name created by black women given to the unknown father of their baby. It is not uncommon for a woman to have a different baby daddy for each child
I've narrowed my baby daddy down to one of five guys i was with at Keisha's party last December
by Wildcard007 December 20, 2009
Deadbeat parent is a pejorative term referring to obligor parents of either gender that have freely chosen not to be a financially supportive parent in their children's lives.
A baby daddy was originally not a low-life, he was your boyfriend you got impregnated by, and then he got a reality check 5 years too soon for his liking, and than became a low-life because he does not want to stay home and support his donor or your ass so he left.
by Marissa101 November 18, 2009
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