Some broke ass dude who knocked you up and once he found out he couldn't be found. Don't pay no child support, hasn't EVER seen the kid, and damn sure don't see you! BECAUSE YOU CAN'T FIND HIM!!
My baby daddy hasn't been seen or heard from since I was 7 months along.
by Jacqulyn October 11, 2006
A man that doesn't know half of the responsibilty with raising his own kid, cuz he isn't around much often.
Where the hell is my baby daddy at?
by Shaquesha July 24, 2003
A male who fathers a child with a women and refuses to support the child or be a part of the child's life.
"Thats just my Baby daddy"

"In the New Superman movie, Superman is Lois Lanes Baby Daddy."
by JohnPatrickMCP September 27, 2007
Slang term for the father of an illegitimate child. There's usually two kinds of "baby daddies", those that accept responsibility for their actions and those that abandon their fatherly duties in favor of living life as if the child never existed. Some "baby daddies" are usually tricked into such a situation as part of the old-fashioned plan women will put into play if they suspect the loss of their (in)significant other, usually out of attachment and/or net worth of the "baby daddy". Otherwise the whole thing is just an accident and both mother and father are at fault because they were careless. Either way or another, a "baby daddy" can run, but he'll NEVER be able to hide from his actions.
Me: So, how's the baby daddy doing?
Her: Don't call him that! It sounds so... ghetto! Say 'baby father'.
Me: Oh come on, it's not all that bad as it sounds! baby daddy!
Her: Shut up!
by TheSpectacularOne January 01, 2010
1)is usually a sorry ass motherfucker who loves you and makes you all kind of promises until you get pregnant.

2)dat nigga u stoob by while he was looked up cause you had his baby and he promised to take care of you when he got out.

3)a triflin nigga dat got u pregnant stuck around fa a little while till shit got to hard and then he left fa a bicth with moe kids than you got

4)a man with who you have a child with who won't supprt your kid but will marry a chick with kids dat don't belong to him, but get mad and want to kill the niga he see you talkin to caus ya'll aint togetha
1) Donell aint nothin but a sorry ass baby daddy.

2) Girl you know while Chris was locked up he promised to marry me, but that sorry excuse of a baby daddy dipped soon as his feet got outside of the gate.

3)Girl you know we were together for 3 months after i had the baby, but then my baby daddy couldnt handle the responsibilities of being a real man.

4)Girl dat lame ass baby daddy of mine left me to marry a chick with four kids but won't take care of his son.
by Chardonae March 31, 2009
The father of your child.
That boy is my babydaddy.
by tiquan February 05, 2003
a man that is biologically the father of your child but cant buy diapers formula or clothes. but can come over to have screw you both in bed and in your wallet.
LaFanda: did ya meet shanas baby daddy?
Tiffa: nah why?
LaFanda: cuz hes a shady mo'fo ya nah. he went der las mumf to see the baby n ended up knockin her up again n takin eighty bones.
Tiffa: nah uh girl.
by freak_ya_monkey June 11, 2009

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