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sum no good son of a bitch who cant be a man and take care of his seed.dont want da chick no more cuz she got pregnant but she was wifey before dat. lie bout aint having a job so he cant pay child support.
Yo there go my baby daddy, looking all fly but cant even pay my godd damn child support
by SexyTriniGal December 15, 2003
636 345
A man who only shows up when he's horny, is nowhere to be found on payday and swears he's a muslim when Christmas comes around.
"My baby daddy didn't get our baby no Easter outfit, cuz he said he's Jewish now and can't go against his religion to celebrate Easter"
by Me Myself and I July 29, 2003
548 309
A sorry free loading guy that gets jealous when he sees his baby mama with other guys, only comes around when he is horny and so he wont get put on child support.
My baby daddy was hating when my boyfriend came because he could'nt get none and was stunting like he came to see the baby.
by melissa September 14, 2003
281 140
Sperm donator that willing conceive the baby and is no where to be found when its time for parenting. Part-time parent.
My ex, T is my baby daddy.... Damn loser!
by DaitonaCartier May 08, 2005
204 97
One who skeets and runs.
Your baby daddy is MIA.
by dLeeO April 06, 2006
137 59
The father of your child; the one who was committed to having sex with you, but wont commit to marriage.
My Baby Daddy be trippin
by JayKisses1 May 31, 2006
112 52
the guy you'll never find on father's day or check day.
"Damn, my BabyDaddy ain't never coming home wif no money."
by george March 18, 2003
111 59