a term used to describe a micro dick
Kolb's got a baby corn
by Eric Kolb January 03, 2008
Top Definition
a giant sized clit
whoa her clit was so large it looked like a baby corn
by pretty_p April 11, 2009
A baby corn is a dick that is so tiny, that it resembles what looks like a baby corn.
It is often used as an insult to people that have had their pictures exposed and in those pictures, their dick is miniscule.
OMG! Did you hear about Alexander Rowland's dick pics being exposed?
Totes, I saw it myself. It looks like a baby corn
by Johnny Myers Anderson February 03, 2015
A term of endearment to ones other half.
Also a foodstuff.
For Example;
Susanna: Hi Sweetie, how was you're day?
Michael: My day was great Babycorn, now come here and land one on me!
by David 'Dont Hassel the Hoff' October 19, 2006
A tiny dick, sometimes shaped like a semi-flaccid, but not necessarily so.
Marty: I love my man even though his dick is the size of a babycorn.

Melissa: Thanks for that visual. I sure won't be eating those off the salad bar at Coco's anymore
by mounted buck January 17, 2008

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