Baby Cannon

1. A human female of child-bearing age.

2. Vulva, vagina, or entire reproductive system.

A baby cannon is loaded by inserting a primer charge in the barrel (vagina). The baby cannon will fire nine months later, unless there is a baby cannon misfire, or if you unload the baby cannon. It is important to periodically clean the baby cannon. For a period of several days a month, a female whose baby cannon is not loaded experiences a condition where her baby cannon is leaking. The condition can be mitigated by inserting a baby cannon plug. Baby cannons are unique among guns in that the bore diameter increases with age. Baby cannons are usually single shot weapons, but occasionally fire two or more shots, sometimes with a magazine holding up to eight rounds, and firing on full-automatic - see octomom.
"I hear Mike just picked up a baby cannon that's too old and rusty to fire."
by redheadbass January 13, 2013
Top Definition
Literally, Launches infant babies at high speed, over great distances.
"Hey man, Don't use a Johnny Jump-up, use a baby cannon."
by Fryhole September 01, 2006
A girl who is tall, hot, has a nice ass, and wide hips that are good for sex and for babies to shoot out like a cannon, hence the name "Baby Cannon"
Guy1: Yo did you see that chick Jessica? Dude she's so hot!
Guy2: Yeah i know man totaly a baby cannon.
by Jumpman 3008 April 25, 2011
A girl who is always making/having babies every time you look up.
R- Did you hear? ShanDeeka's pregnant again and she doesn't know who the daddy is.
S- What a baby cannon! Didn't she just have a baby about three months ago?
R- Yep, this one will be her sixth...and she's what, only 19? What a skeez; she's obviously never heard of birth control before.
S- Amen to that...
by Shawn B. July 24, 2003
Michelle Dugger, Octo-mom, Kate Gosslin, or anyone who feels the need to give birth to more than 5 kids.
Michelle Dugger has a rapid fire vagina the way she shoots babies out of her baby cannon.
by Tater Bug October 13, 2009
baby cannon: A hot girl with wide hips who is also at least a D cup, has a wonderful ass, has a pretty face, and is above average height.
Guy 1: Yo did you see Beyonce at the VMA'S?
Guy2: Yeah she is so hot and the best baby cannon out there.
by Dreamer58 May 15, 2011
A Mormon girl who gets married solely for the purpose of having sex and thus leading to her shooting babies out of her vagina similar to a rapid-fire cannon.
Dude 1: "Dude, Jamie is getting married in like a month"
Dude 2: "Oh shit, she is gonna be a baby cannon in no time!"
by The Hungry Hungry Hippoes October 27, 2008
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