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a womb, as in stomach aka uterus
yo dawg, i think home gurl missed her pill, and there's trouble in da womb
by Sancho December 18, 2003
1.n. A woman's womb.
2.n. A vagina.
Yo homie, her baby box was tight as schiznit.
by King Kong December 16, 2003
a friend that brings a 6 pack when a case is clearly called for.
Yo, baby box bring a case next time you cheap s.o.b.
by Rabbit98 February 20, 2009
1.) Underage girl.
2.) Slang word for vagina.
1.) I thought my date was 18, but it turned out I'd gotten baby box.

2.)Damn, I wanna put my meat stick in your baby box!
by A.V. December 18, 2003
A box you keep a baby in when it is whining and bitching too much, and you just need a break.
GOD DAMNIT! It's the baby box for YOU again mister!
by Jonathan December 17, 2003
Another way of saying crib, bassinet, or play pen; a place where you put your baby to play or sleep.
Mrs. France put little Janelle in her baby box so that she and Mr. France couls share some much-needed 'them time' on the veranda.
by Shawn B. December 16, 2003