a sweet name you call your lover.
linda is gabe's baby boo, and gabe is linda's baby boo!
by gbrl gzman March 07, 2010
Top Definition
baby boo means like he's mine ladys keep your hands off
anthony is my baby boo so get it straight
by miranda December 25, 2004
Nickname for the love of your life<3
Baby Boo, I YOU YOU!
by IloveISAAC September 05, 2009
the love of ur life, some one u can love forever
i am lucky to have my babyboo
by jeremy trite February 18, 2009
babyboo iz like callin someone ur baby. kinda like babygirl or shorty
"hey babyboo. i missed u today!"
by AnDi T May 29, 2005
this boy is mine (stay away bitches!)
Mike is my baby boo don't even come close beeotch!
by fyrepunx April 17, 2007
term that is used for a boy to tell a girl for being his girl, or close very close friend.
A boy always calls you that because you are talking to him.
by Nicole(BowWows Sweetheart) July 11, 2003
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