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a) condom
b) birth control
Devin: I heard you got that fat chick pregnant
Phill: Yea man I should have used a baby blocker
by childarsenist November 15, 2009
n. Refers to any variety of oral contraceptive ingested by females for the purpose of preventing a condition known as pregnancy. Baby Blockers are typically prescribed by your friendly healthcare provider upon request and a standard pregnancy test and pelvic exam. They may be obtained at your local pharmacy and or family planning clinic often times for low to no cost. When taken correctly they are up to 99% effective at preventing pregnancy however they do not protect against STD's- so make sure to always wrap it up and follow safe sex practices.
I have to take my baby blockers every day so that I do not become pregnant.
by kasian June 22, 2007
a condom or other device of sexual protection
John and Angela are having sex. Angela: "oh! yes! yes!!"
John: "Aw fuck yeah"
Angela:"WAIT do you have a babyblocker?"
John: "of course, i don't want a kid at this young age."
by stellerrr6969 January 25, 2009
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