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when one person throws up into another person's mouth for sexual pleasure
baby birding is highlighted in "two girls one cup" - google it
by jizwald January 19, 2009
The art of baby birding requires a liquid, either water or booze, being drank by one individual and spit into another individual's mouth for pleasure and shared enjoyment.
I got so tanked last night. I couldn't refuse a single baby bird. Baby birding gets me everytime.
by Spitfam April 03, 2014
Teasing someone by smacking your penis around their mouth while they are trying to suck it, rendering them gape jawed and silly looking in attempts to practice fellatio.
"I baby birded that bitch for a good five minutes before i let her suck my cock" - baby birding
by djaguar September 12, 2013
When a woman transfers the result of oral sex into the man's mouth. It looks like a mother bird feeding her young.
Baby Birding has been tried but rarely executed correctly. Many partners are not amenable to the process.
by AVAV May 28, 2012
A posture where a chick is kneeling, mouth agape awaiting a massive deposit of baby batter. The receiving posture of a money shot
Dude did you skeet in her face? Yeah, she was totally baby birding!
by reppintha423 February 21, 2012