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Anyone who is whining or crying about something, or someone who is just annoying you

Yor are being a Baby Back Bitch!
by Cris Diedalis and Alex Johnson December 22, 2005
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Someone who is whining acting like a bitch or that is annoying you. a person that needs to suck it up and stop crying about stupid things.
John is a baby back bitch for not rematching justin
by justinintime March 16, 2008
A term used to describe a weak and useless piece of shit that should not be seen in public.
He's such a Baby Back Bitch, why'd he come to school today?
by NiggahNick October 13, 2012
One who is from Jersey, served as an ELT on the USS Enterprise, loves the Giants, is a soulless ginger, and whines like a little girl.
That dude is such a baby back, baby back, baby back, baby back bitch.
by Rauschisabitch December 04, 2014
When some one is being a total Jarom.
Just fucking go home you baby back bitch, no one likes your constant whining.
by Ermatron March 18, 2015
someone who tries to present themselves as hard and not someone to fuck with but is really a pathetic poser who is a softy
look at tira acting like that, man what a baby back bitch
by the word of the south June 09, 2014
a guy who often ditches hiw own friends for his girlfriend

brandon your being a baby back bitch why dont you go hang out with shana
by MJF12 November 13, 2006

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