A term used on the BaD Radio show on KTCK, The Ticket, in Dallas, referring to a person with a smaller under-developed arm. It is used in coversation as a closing instead of good bye.
"Ok, I love you, baby-arm!"
"Take care, baby-arm!"
by Doodle Bug February 14, 2005
a person who has small arms.these people tend to act like macho but are weak
Drew you got baby arms
by bigboi99 December 22, 2009
A tiny, abnormally shaped arm. An arm so small that it looks like an army of a baby.

Wolves tend to eat baby arms.

Juria has a baby arm
by An_internet_guy September 04, 2011
a bag, a pile or a line of cocaine. Also known simply as arms.
Can be procured from an arms dealer.
"Excuse me do you know where I can find any baby arms?"
"Baby arms, you know, they are short and fat and white."
"I know you are in that bathroom stall doing arms, let me in before I turn the light out."
by Henry Poole March 10, 2007
male member!
"Look honey, its like a babyarm holding an apple"
by Spank December 19, 2003
Central North Carolina dish consisting of:
-2lbs of chicken breast (do NOT cut the fat off). poached then sauteed
-2 bars of cream cheese.
-1/3 cup franks hot sauce
-1/3 cup chunky bluecheese
served over tortilla chips

Named for the appearance as the chicken is cut up during sauteing.
Ted, come in here and get yourself a plate of baby arms.
by tedtheothee February 04, 2009
a mans d**k and or penis
dudei gave her the baby arm and she loved it
by jhughes July 06, 2009

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