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Russian for grandmother
person 1: eto maya babooshka
by foreverinlove March 09, 2005
While in no way affiliated with the "Russian grandmother" translation, babooshka is the kindest, most loving term of endearment one can give their main partner. Only to be used in the highest of sickly-sweet romantic situations. Use "booshk" for more casual settings such as a one-night stand.
I love you more, my baby babooshka.
by annonymousfemaleoneaton August 30, 2010
Babooshkas are cantankerous old ladies in Russia who work in public buildings doing more or less nothing at all.

As living throwbacks to the Soviet era, they enforce both real and imagined petty regulations with Stakanovite zeal and enthusiasm.

Museums, cloakrooms, and metro kiosks are their natural habitats.
"That babooshka over there just told me that it's forbidden to look out of the windows!"

by Mayakovsky September 22, 2006
Drug paraphernalia made out of a large bottle with a computer fan in the middle. Used for Marijuana. Mainly used to "Milk" the bong without the requirement of large lungs. May also be used to hot box or clam bake faster in the background due to the fact that it smokes itself.
"Hey Jon, wanna rip the Babooshka?"

"ye dude, milky rips and easy hot boxing? I'm in."
by The Big Sos November 09, 2013
nick name for a pierogi
I want to eat a babooshka Stephanie!
by iwantbabooshkas April 24, 2011
Babooshka can be used to describe anyone and everything, good or bad. Or it can be used to fill on for a "bad" word.
Your such a little babooshka!
by M K P November 21, 2010
When you place your nose between a girl's boobs, and then shake your head side to side while performing the motorboat sound. It was perfected by Joe Piscopo on Saturday Night Live.
*Joe Piscopo voice* Hey lady, you have nice boobs, and they look like they need a BABOOSHKA!
by Feyo from St. Louis August 24, 2009

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