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Saying baboosh feels like blowing a very wet kiss! A very gay version of mwah.
It's also being considered the new XOXO.
See you later, dears! Baboosh!
by Lisa Hastings May 23, 2008
Coming from russian Babuska, meaning a headscarf. Used by old eastern european-american women, and their families, to mean a headscarf or a hood.
Old Lady who just put up the hood on her sweater: Look at me I've got my baboosh!
by Rimbambo September 01, 2010
The sound made when you knife someone on call of duty black ops with a balistic knife
*running up behind enemy* KNIFE "BABOOSH" die bitch.
by nooble January 25, 2011
A word used to express extreme, amazing awesomeness/wickedness. Taken from the show "Frisky Dingo" on Adult Swim.
Me:Dude! I just beat Banjo-Tooie with every Jiggy, Jinjo, Note, The Ice Key, The Mega-Globo, and everything else!

My friend:Nice dude!

Me:Dude you know what this calls for?

Friend:No, what?

by Dusk Killaz May 02, 2009