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the study of sexy ladies
I'm gonna go study some "babeology"
by Bookunessu September 08, 2008
3 4
Noun, The study of beautiful ladies

related words:
someone who studies beautiful ladies
Random guy: yo im gonna take biology in high school

Alex: wow man thats homo ima study babeology
by Alex Tongtong October 02, 2008
8 3
the study of beautiful, big assed, nice boobed babes
"Yeah I'm studying babeology as my major this year in college."
by NickEngmann October 04, 2008
3 4
1. The study of Beautiful ladies
2. Smart word for checking out hot girls
Guy1: hey dude ima go do some babeology.
Guy2: have fun studying them beautiful chicks :D
by Albert B. September 10, 2008
1 3