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Word known mainly due to the Irish band Mundy's song "July".The word is used when excessive amounts of goodlooking girls are around.
"July fizzbombs in my mouth
Babeorama everywhere"
July - Mundy
by Nab Nab September 20, 2008
3 0
Gathering of babes for the purpose of display and collection. Any sizable gathering of decent looking available females could be considered a babe-o-rama. The type of place one could expect to attract cunterooni.
Tonights my night it's gonna be a babe-o-rama.

Heaps of tasty young lusties at the babe-o-rama.

Might get a wet dick at the babe-o-rama.

Meeting school puss at the babe-o-rama.
by Grover J February 08, 2008
3 4