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A really hot guy,
Jeff is such a babe!
by Prairie November 06, 2003
35 67
a word females uses for the niqqa they like or they with; if they fucking sex_c; or fine as hells._;)
female on tha phone -hey babes ,how yuh been.
the niqqa-hey shawty was ghud.
by His shawty_;) April 23, 2009
84 120
A sarcastic term of endearment or a general exclamation similar to "DUDE!"
Alright babes? What's the haps.

Babes! He well kicked your arse there didn't he?
by kernkraft88 September 27, 2007
70 115
A variation of the term of endearment "babe", only is said to those who they don't find sexually attractive or datable enough to leave off the "s". When someone refers to you as babes, you are clearly in the friend zone and will never be out.
To a hot girl: "Sure babe, I'm down for whatever you want."

To a not girl: "Sure babes, thanks for letting me borrow your notes."
by Chuckles45 April 02, 2011
41 97
catalin's girlfriend
Catalin:Damn my girlfriend is a total babe.
by Lil Demon March 28, 2004
15 73
annoying, pretentious, slimy, fucking stupid word that is only used by the biggest wankers on the planet
'hey babe im hot and horny and you would love me if i hadnt just said babe'

'hey ba-' (shrieks of extreme pain) if your a girl and u say it...jump off a cliff...NOW
by queen jobo May 02, 2005
37 108
Or B.A.B.E.

Stand for Baby Ass Baby Elephant

Refering a large female
Yo, check out that babe over there...
by GreensboroMDMike September 20, 2005
11 92