a person who is fucking sexy as hell. drops panties. highly desirable. melts hearts. someone you'd bone. is so beautiful that he/she doesn't know it. typically Italian. most likely a firefighter.
"brian is fucking sexy as hell"

"yeah, he's a babe"
by ark69 January 09, 2014
adorable cuteness
she is babe.
by leadict March 19, 2015
Babe is a term of endearment to anyone. It is a sign of ownership and deep respect.
(After Richard punts the football really well)
Josh: Atta babe!
Richard: Thanks, man
by DickWilkins August 26, 2009
1. Term used to describe a good looking woman, usually by men with a rather small IQ;
2. The title of a 1995 movie in which the main character was a talking pig with the same name.

Connect the two above and you get the amount of respect most guys have for women.
1. - Dude, check out the blond babe!
2 Babe: - This is ridiculous, Mom!
Fly: - Nonsense, it's only your first try. But you're treating them like equals. They're sheep, they're inferior.
Babe: - Oh, no they're not.
Fly: - Of course they are. We are their masters, Babe. Let them doubt it for a second and they'll walk all over you. (source: IMDB)
by Alinutza March 22, 2008
n. Informal; term of endearment used to call a lover. Usually used in a relationship by young people who would like to appear responsible and mature, naive girls, girls who want their boyfriends or sugar daddies to buy them something, cheaters and people overcompensating for a lack of real intimacy.

*Disclaimer: Term has proven to be extremely annoying in 99.9% of the cases mentioned above.
"Babe, you know I didn't sleep with her."
"Babe, I totally care about you, don't you know? Why else would I call you babe?"
"I call him babe because it makes me feel all growed up."
"C'mon baaabbeee, it's only 500 dollars"
by 007008009 June 17, 2009
Boys Named

Wow those boys are babes
by Daaaaaamon May 14, 2015
something guys call you so you'll fuck them
Johnny: You getting down on Lily?
Brad: Chyaah brah! I called her babe.
Johnny: Fuck, I'm jealous.
by defensee1 August 30, 2011

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