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Incredibly patronising, supposedly 'endearing' term from one person to another. Used instead of the name. Some people think it's cute i guess, but when one of your friends uses it in every sentence it becomes incredibly, unbelievably annoying.
Possibly may be used for people when someone hasnt bothered to learn their name/s

Can be followed by an 's' (see babes) which can either refer to one or more 'babes' or is just another 'endearing' term to call someone else. (the word 'babes' is equally as irritating, please people, stop using these words!)
Annoying girl: Awww, dont worry about it babe
(turns round to talk to another person)
Same annoying girl: Oh, hey babe! You ok? I missed you babe

Guy (to girl): Oh babe i missed you so much
Girl: The word 'babe' is incredibly irritating, please do not refer to me by it.

e.g. 3
Random person: Oh hey!
Girl: hey..er...(thinks to self - oh CRAP! whats his/her name again..? I cant think..damnit, oh! i know what to do!)babe!
by Ihatehsm August 26, 2008
a pig raised by sheepdogs, learns to herd sheep with a little help from Farmer Hoggett..... men should never use this term because it may seem like you are calling them a pig..raised by sheepdogs.
guy: hey babe;)

girl: umm im not a pig from the 1995 movie "babe" ...kay thanks bai:)
by notababe June 29, 2011
1. A term used in an affectionate greeting; interchangeable with 'darling'
2. A close friend
1. "Alright babe?"; "Hello darling."
2. "She is an absolute babe. I love her."
by omnomorange May 09, 2010
1) a famous pig
2) someone who is very fit - good looking.
mmmmmm... what a babe
by melanie November 26, 2003
A word that is now used for whoever when ever
used from girl friend to girl friend
or can be just a laugh for a boy to laugh about
"babe" is the new way of saying sweetheart and darling but just a modernised version.
alice "heya babe"
tony "hiya babe"
alice " you ok babe?"
tony "yeah im good babe"
alice "by babe"
tony "cya around babe"
by Anaaluvspink January 23, 2008
a person who is fucking sexy as hell. drops panties. highly desirable. melts hearts. someone you'd bone. is so beautiful that he/she doesn't know it. typically Italian. most likely a firefighter.
"brian is fucking sexy as hell"

"yeah, he's a babe"
by ark69 January 09, 2014
n. Informal; term of endearment used to call a lover. Usually used in a relationship by young people who would like to appear responsible and mature, naive girls, girls who want their boyfriends or sugar daddies to buy them something, cheaters and people overcompensating for a lack of real intimacy.

*Disclaimer: Term has proven to be extremely annoying in 99.9% of the cases mentioned above.
"Babe, you know I didn't sleep with her."
"Babe, I totally care about you, don't you know? Why else would I call you babe?"
"I call him babe because it makes me feel all growed up."
"C'mon baaabbeee, it's only 500 dollars"
by 007008009 June 17, 2009