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1) Legendary giant, blue ox who travelled the Great Plains with renowned giant Paul Bunyan.

2) First-ever recorded sheep-herding pig.

3) Baseball player regarded as the greatest ever at his sport.
1) Babe and Paul Bunyan were both giants.

2) After fearing he would be eaten, Babe felt all the more determined to prove his doubters wrong.

3) When Babe joined the Yankees, he had already won three World Series(es?); he went on to win four more.
by Diggity Monkeez April 07, 2005
583 513
A term girls use about other girls who are the closest to them. Like best friends!
jasmine: i love my babes!
by lilleeez January 02, 2006
215 163
1) a word used after a greeting to a friend
2) what a girlfriend and a boyfriend say to each other
3) A Girl Which lads think is hot
1) hey babe
2) Babe, I Love You
3) Woah, She's a Total Babe!
by Elz-ox March 08, 2008
318 268
An attractive male or female.

They have class and good taste. They present themselves with dignety, and confidence that the other sex finds appealing.

They groom themselves well; Have nice hair & complection, and a good taste in clothes. If they are a female, her makeup is applied subtly to simply accentuate her best features. If they are male, thier hairstyles may vary but again should compliment their features.

There is no standard bodytype (eg. 36-24-36), but rather they keep thier body toned by working out and they are pleasantly proportined. They are not fat slobs.
Take a dirty bum from the street and give him a shower and a haircut, some good clothes and who knows...... he could end up being a babe.
by shawn4444 March 03, 2008
137 100
a person who is always forthable.
the person that always makes your head spin when you see them
Rachele Smith is a babe, i just froth when i see her
by ChuckNorris93 July 18, 2009
140 111
a word a guy uses to get in a girl's pants. Usually it means everything to her and nothing to him.
"Hey babe..whats up?"
"Woah babe, how you doing?"
by just trust me on this January 17, 2008
137 111
Incredibly patronising, supposedly 'endearing' term from one person to another. Used instead of the name. Some people think it's cute i guess, but when one of your friends uses it in every sentence it becomes incredibly, unbelievably annoying.
Possibly may be used for people when someone hasnt bothered to learn their name/s

Can be followed by an 's' (see babes) which can either refer to one or more 'babes' or is just another 'endearing' term to call someone else. (the word 'babes' is equally as irritating, please people, stop using these words!)
Annoying girl: Awww, dont worry about it babe
(turns round to talk to another person)
Same annoying girl: Oh, hey babe! You ok? I missed you babe

Guy (to girl): Oh babe i missed you so much
Girl: The word 'babe' is incredibly irritating, please do not refer to me by it.

e.g. 3
Random person: Oh hey!
Girl: to self - oh CRAP! whats his/her name again..? I cant think..damnit, oh! i know what to do!)babe!
by Ihatehsm August 26, 2008
96 76