A word that people (usually girls) use in order to indicate that they are vapid, shallow and most likely unintelligent. It serves as a handy indicator that you shouldn't bother getting to know them because you won't enjoy their company.

It has no literal meaning. Instead it's just tacked on the end of a sentence to make it sound more familiar, similar to 'mate' or 'dude', except completely stupid.

When confronted with someone who uses the word 'babes', be sure to end the conversation quickly because talking to the person in question for too long will probably leave you feeling like you've had a head injury
Me: It's nice to meet you.
Girl: Nice to meet you too, babes!
Me: Hmmm, on second thoughts I don't want to talk to you.
by TheDude765123 August 10, 2012
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1.endearing term.
2.adjective used to describe a good looking girl, sometimes describes guys
1.Hey babe i missed you
2.All the guys think Melanie is a babe
by Dawn June 15, 2002
a girl or guy who is easy on the eyes, talented, and good looking, overall just very sexy. referred to as "babe".
sarah or maddie
"man, those girls are babes"
by zach December 01, 2004
A term a girl friend uses towards her boyfriend and vice versa!
Alec: I love you babe
sara: I love you 2

AIDAN: heya babe
sara: hi
by Alec April 22, 2005
The word is for either gender, and when you use it in a sentence, it gives encouragement to the person you are calling that, it tells them that you consider them cute and
with a sort of ownership.
I called my manager babe and she got pissed!
by Ferchis March 28, 2007
It's wht todays boyfriend and girlfriend call each other
Hey babe, wht u doin?
by monarch November 26, 2004
A good looking girl or a bathing beauty (chick in a bathing suit)
Wow, what a babe!
by entivore October 06, 2003
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