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a name commonly used by kenny blankenship and vic romano to name characters on the tv show mXc
And our next contestant is billy babaganoosh who supplied our mystery sludge for the day.
by floodz April 30, 2005
A foolish mispronunciation of the Arabic dish 'Baba Ghanouj' also known as 'Abu Ghanouj' and 'Mtabal.'

Made from roasted Eggplant, yoghurt, garlic, tahini. Lovely jubbly when made right, hard to get right though.
Man 1: can I have some babaganoosh

Man in the know: Its Baba Ghanouj you buffoon, and no you can't.
by col. October 16, 2004
Correct Spelling: Baba ghanouj
"Baba" is blended: cooked eggplant, garlic, lemon juice, and sesame oil (Tahini ), pomegrante seeds and parsley.

it's not slang, it's the name of a Lebanese food dish (like Humoos or Humus)
We love baba ghanouj , it's a great veggie dip and it's so goood for ya!
by victoria g February 10, 2005
A character that appears on every episode of MXC.
Baba Ganoosh is the Most Extreme Elimination of the day.
by Shawn Maglicic May 26, 2005
Some Kind of meditteranean mush of Eggplant and Humus with some Tamik spices.

Also and more importantly the last name of some random guy "Gnoosh" who always shows up in Most Extreme Elimination Challenge.
Watch MXC for examples or goto some mediterranean restraunt.
by NutCase February 12, 2004
this word is what u yell when u are lost in the woods or in distress. it is a drunken call to ur friends for help.
(person 1 yelling) yooo where are u guys at man???
(person 2 responds with) Baba Ganoosh!!!
(person 1) baba Ganoosh!!!
by JP January 14, 2005
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