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Baba- someone special, sounds like: Baby except with an a.
Hey baba, whats up?
He's my baba!
by mariah March 02, 2005
Barbarians, a character from the computer game Diablo II.

The word "baba" is used by non-english speaking motherfuckers to mean Barbarian.
I have a level 25 baba.

by clamum March 08, 2004
1. A common word for "Father" in South Asia especially India and Pakistan; a word of respect used to address elders, saints, etc.

2. Indian slang for "baby". Taken from the English word, but then applied in other expressions: 'baba log' for baby people and 'missy baba' for little miss. During British rule in India, the male children of the British were often referred to by Indian servants as Baba Sa'ab and female children as Missy Sa'ab.
1. I reminded my brother that it was Baba's birthday this weekend.

2. The newborn baba was adorable.
by Desi Grl January 24, 2009
The bottoms of a alcoholic drink, all the backwash and shit
You can have the rest of this 40, but it's all ba bas.
by Celeste February 28, 2005
Baba means a saint in the Indian Language called Hindi
hey look there goes the BABA
by Ronit October 11, 2005
A derogatory term for Brazilians; the term "ba-ba" is native to Hudson, Massachusetts
Joey: Since when has Massachusetts had so many ba-bas?
Pat: Since Brazil became Mexico #2.
by Jose Rivers October 28, 2007
Nickname for a female's name: Barbara.
Baba is the nickname my father gave me. My name is Barbara.

Other family and friends call me Baba, Barb, Barbie, or Babie (sounds like Bobby). This "Baba" also has "BA" letters starting my last name so if I am B.B. to some I am BA.BA to others. I consider it an example of an endearing nick name for Barbara.
by BarBarrella April 21, 2010
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