An uncommon derogatory (and childish) term for arabs and other middle easterners. Used by Americans, and obviously derived from the term "douchebag," via ignorantly groping for any word evocative of the region.
"I joined up so I could drop bombs on Babagadouche."
by Ian June 11, 2004
Top Definition
A derogatory term for the stereotypical "rag head" (which is also a derogatory, stereotypical term). It is derived from the combination of "Baba Ganoush" and Douche Bag.

Baba Ganoush is a dip made from eggplant and is very popular in India.

It is a modern, Middle-Eastern-aimed version of "Kraut" or "Limey" but with the very cool and useful "douche" added to the end.
Loud-mouthed, drunk tourist to a pair of Indians on the streets of Calcutta:

Hey! Haji, Baba Gadouche: Where's f-ing Johnny Quest? You guys suicide bombers, or what? Where's Mama Gadouche, anyway?

Of course, these guys do not know much about world events or anything else, obviously.
by Tit May 09, 2005
(adj.) 1. describing a person doing something stupid.
(n.) 2. a name for someone that you do not like or think is stupid
(adj.) "Why is (s)he acting like a babagadouche?"
(n.) "What a babagadouche!!"

by Howard Smith September 19, 2006
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