Original meaning, 'Boss, chief, master or leader' in dutch, also used in places such as south africa for same meaning.

Also a clothing company
BÄAS Clothing - www.baasclothing.com
"You look like a baas"
by mrwhitexo June 07, 2014
It's the sheep equivilant to Nooo!
Baaa!!! All the sheep cried out when they saw farmer John out to do the morning chores wearing his favorite kilt.
by SidewaysSmile October 28, 2007
the way African-Americans from Shreveport, Louisiana pronounce the word "boy"
aye baa, you gone call back baa?
by The TrizzleSk8 March 29, 2010
1) a word describing a state of pure relaxation
2) simply being high
-you baa right now?
-yea, im chillin

-you tryna baa?
-yea lets cop
by baa man April 26, 2009
the proper thing to say when you notice anyone exhibiting sheep-like qualities
sheep girl 1: OMG OMG lookit those awesome ugg boots! i totally want them because everyone thinks they are like sooo trendy and awesome!!
sheep girl 2: OMG like i KNOW!!! i totally want to buy them with my daddy's money!!! now lets go listen to britney spears!
voice of reason: baaaaaaa....
by Corvis. April 14, 2008
Bad Ass American. Anything that was made, from, or crafted in the good old USA. some items include:
Skynard, Van Halen, ZZ Top, AC/DC, Trans Ams, Chevys, Fords, GM's, Football, Baseball, and anything else from America.
"Hey Ian, What You Listenin To?"
"Just some Lynard Synard"
"Sweet shit brother. thats some BAA"
"Straight Up"
by Matt Hickman January 13, 2007
The capital of the Indonesian island of Roti. Just about the coolest place name ever, and definitely a sign that that far east, you're practically into the land (water?) of Tiki gods.
Traveler #1: Forget Bali. Next summer, I'm going to Baa!
Traveler #2: Baaahahaha!
by WanderingDave July 24, 2006
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