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A bGod is a semi-technical term that stands for big Group of disks. It is the way to organize a number of computer hard drives that needs no technical or computer skill whatsoever and when the user has no idea what a "raid" is. bGod's are usually used when users upgrade computers and keep the old hard drive with all their information, to have C:, D:, E: through J: or K: drives.
Poor college students that build computers with old, bad, hard drives and a cheap motherboard often use bGod
by joecuki September 09, 2008
3 7
B.G.O.D stands for Bike Gang Or Die. Coming from the slang "Taylor Gang or Die", BGOD was made by a couple of high school teenagers and it's catching on. BGOD is all fixed or single speed riders, but it doesn't exclude those with gears and brakes. Anyone with a bike is welcome.
Guy 1: Hey dude isn't that B.G.O.D?
Guy 2: Yea dude, they must be rolling deep today!
by PistaIroPakeOrigin8 May 11, 2011
18 13