a fishfucker, otherwise known as aquatic rapist. Likes to have sex with all forms of marine life.
b0xman luves teh phish
by National Geographic July 23, 2003
Top Definition
Superhero with mysteriously endowed with the powers of a box, after an unlikely accident on the Gatwick Airport baggage terminal conveyer belts.
Is it a tub?... is it a container?... no, its Boxman!!
by robcraine April 09, 2004
Lego man, also known as forcey
b0xman is made out of legos... and hes trying to kill me!
by MonJoe May 16, 2003
stupid, worthless being obsessed with legos :p
Hey, theres a b0xman on my shoe! ewww...
by Cheeseburrito of gat May 15, 2003
God, Buddha, Muhammed, and all other supreme beings, rolled into one.
b0xman owns you.
by Everyone May 14, 2003
Someone in the act of being pwned or someone that has just been pwned
boxman was just pwned
by RPC May 15, 2003
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