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Balls deep anal

when you put your dick in her ass as far as you can....then go a little farther.
guy: here i go

girl: farther deeper FARTHER!!!

guy: damn girl you like that BDA im as far as i can go

girl: DEEPER!!!!!
by bearcat sharktopus September 29, 2010
84 13
Acronym for "BMW Driver Asshole Syndrome"

The BMW is a German car brand popular with drug dealers and hooligans across Europe. Anyone with "something" small and the need to compensate tends to gravitate towards the BMW - the ultimate penis compensator.

As such the tendency to drive like a maniac and king of the road is extremely prevalent amongst BMW owners. Expect them to overtake at 40% the speed limit, cut you up on off ramps and to park on the side walk by a hospital or school as they feel fit.

Many psychiatrists believe that owning a BMW is a reflex action to draw attention to the owner. Having no "physical attributes" to speak of, BMW owners must compensate somehow and 1/2 ton of metal seems to do the trick.
A: "That guy just cut up an ambulance, gave the finger to a bus full of nuns and parked by the no parking sign in front of a school for the blind"
B: "Oh, don't worry about him, he's got BDAS - did you expect otherwise?"
by Filipek February 01, 2009
38 21
Acronym: Big Dumb Animal Syndrome.

Used to define mostly football players and other athletes that are physically big and have a very low mental capacity. In many cases are also intellectually retarded.
Billy Bob may be the best football player on the team, but he suffers from a sever case of BDAS.
by S A W September 05, 2008
8 0
back door action (anal sex)
Did you see that porno? hella BDA!!!
by P.Nasty April 25, 2011
5 0
Bounce Dat Ass: When someone says something soooo dumb, retard, or stupid that you have to respond with this. It doesn't actually mean what it reads.
Girl with no ass: My ass is so big!!
Other girl: BDA girl,, that shit aint Big. Lmao
by DominicanChicka March 06, 2011
6 5
Acronym for Bus Drivers Ass. The unfortunate condition is caused by many hours behind the wheel of a bus combined with the poor diet of Mc Donalds ingested between runs.
My busdriver has such a B.D.A. he can barely walk down the aisle!
by foofy January 18, 2009
2 1
Business Driven Artist
Has the know how on Branding a Business

he's BDA
by UnicoChe_ January 10, 2013
0 0