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a shorter name for the little known town of blackwood, new jersey
" YO cuz how bout we hit up this bangin ass party in b-wood"
by scook October 15, 2007
9 10
A nickname for a town in Long Island, New York. BRENTWOOD is the true B-wood, the Brentwood in California is a hot bed of stupid rich people and murderers who get acquitted. Brentwood, NY is a true hood worthy of an abbreviated nickname.
"Where u from?"
"B-wood, whats good?"

"Born in BK, raised in B-wood - same state, but a different hood"
by MissWood November 09, 2008
23 7
The slang form of Bridlewood(also known as the Bridlehood), a community on the west side of Ottawa. This term is used when representing this area, used by many residents, being very popular with the skater and gangster groups. A hand sign has even been created, much like the one used by the bloodz, the thumb and forefinger are used to make a B, while the remaining fingers are spaced out equally to form a W.
Jamal: Yo man you reachin b-wood tonight?
Ali: Yeah bro, im hittin up a party near there.
by rep the hood :) February 21, 2009
18 6
another name for the town of Blythewood, South Carolina, home of Blythewood High School (established 2005), the 3A State Champions in football in their first year having a varsity team.
I'm going to b-wood, cause they got the best parties. (which they do)
by Karlye March 21, 2007
18 14
a name given to the weak city of brentwood, CA. just to make them feel like their tough. but their not
b-wood, b-wood, don't be afraid of us
by M-16 October 04, 2006
19 17
slang term for a place called birchwood in the north west. people often mistake bwood for "burtonwood" however these people are retarded.
im from bwood where are you from?
by eldogg July 24, 2008
8 7
The act of giving your self a blow job because of your morning wood.
Man, I woke up so horny this morning, I had to give myself a B Wood
by WarZ February 19, 2008
4 5