break-girl, the female version of b-boy. aka. a female breaker (a 'break-dancer' WITH style)
b-girl jules has the tightest balance
#bgirl #b girl #b #girl #b-girl #b - girl #b- girl #b -girl #breakdance girl #breakdancing girl #breakdancer #breaker
by b-boyz 4 life!! April 16, 2006
Top Definition
Short for breakdancing girl. b-boy is the male version.
I never knew Emma was a b-girl until I saw her breakdancing at the club last night.
by Mooncinder June 08, 2004
female term for a bboy. A form of breaker, hiphopper, dancer. Usually involved in hiphop culture largely. Most likely spotted rocking addidas shelltoe kicks.
Bgirl Asia-one owned the bboy summit this year.
by Adore March 29, 2003
bgirl- not only is a bgirl an accomplished breaker, but the true bgirl must also respect the hip hop culture. Unless the person represents the culture correctly, it does not matter how good the person is at dancing, they are not a bgirl.
Props to that bgirl in the circle. . .man. . .she showed up all them toys.
by Murasaki December 13, 2003
B-Girl is a prostitute, but not because she is a bar girl. It is because California Penal Code section 647(b) prohibits prostitution. Vice cops started calling them B-Girls and detective writers publishing in Los Angeles many years ago picked up the term.
Hey partner, go hook up that B-Girl.
#prostitute #vice cops #b girl #whore #hooker
by CFBruno January 08, 2011
Short for "bar girl". A girl who works in a bar or strip club whose job it is to get guys to buy the the most expensive drinks in the bar, like champagne, and run up large tabs by flirting with the customers and implying she is sexually interested in said drunken sap.

Sometimes the expression is used to refer to prostitutes associated with particular bars and who run this scam as well as hooking.
Foolish drunk man: "I asked this hot chick if she wanted a drink and she ordered a bottle of Dom on my credit card!"

Friend of FDM: "Dude, she's a b-girl moron! Let's quietly leave before it gets here."
#scam #drunks #b girl #bars #hookers #prostitutes #rip-offs #strip club scams
by Bishop of Clubs March 01, 2014
Break girl

A female break dancer.
I knew a bgirl who could hit an air flair! She had sick power.
#b girl #b-girl #female breaker #bboy #b boy #b-boy #breaker #breakdancer #break dancer #break dancing #power #footwork #uprocking #popping and locking #break dance #breakdance
by Zyn Spice March 03, 2006
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