A popular alchoholic drink, usually digested from a shooter glass.
"5 b52's thanks, she said as she placed her order with the bartender"
by Al Holic April 25, 2003
1. Big-ass war planes that dropped big-ass bombs on Vietnam.
2. Pop band with hits like Rock Lobster and Love Shack.
1. GI Joe drop big bomb-B52...we die.

2. How did The B52s ever get a record deal?...seriously!
by thedzone October 08, 2009
A cooler way of saying bomber joint which in of itself is a massive joint that burns slowly and well.
Hey man you want to smoke this B-52 i rolled?
No dude you got herpes man.
Then were a condom.
by Lee Buckles September 03, 2006
A name for a sousaphone that produces a warbly sound while holding a long note.sawb
Jenner says ,"the B-52's are taking off and i dont like it"
by sawb October 05, 2005
An 80's band, the songs of which all sound more or less the same.
Raymond: "Have you heard that new B-52's song?"
Cisco: "Oh yea, the one that sounds like all the other ones they've ever recorded!"
by Gunth3r April 02, 2009
The best funk band around. Listen to Rock Lobster... most famous from Family Guy.
The B-52's made a song called Rock Lobster and its a piece of crap.
by Stevepower August 26, 2006
That other defintion minces words too much.They aren't funk either you faggot.B-52's simply suck and are the typical kind of shit that was found on mtv all throughout the horrid 80's.They are new waver queers.Like all new waver queers they suck butt.This is why mtv has always sucked and will always suck.Well also because mtv also played that gay faggy ass hair metal crap which was made by a bunch of androgynous L.A. queens who were influenced by bullshit like Iron Maiden.These same fags would probably today be a bunch of scene emos.
B-52's suck the ass , literally.
by BURP! September 10, 2006

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