a band from the 80's known for their hit "Love Shack"
I've got me a chrysler, its as big as a whale and its about to set sail!! WHOO!
by jazz July 13, 2003
n. Process of defecation whereby the subject will hang from the adjacent walls of a cubicle and eject faeces into the toilet.

A childish prank often performed for a mere laugh.

Named after a military aircraft named a B52 which dropped aerial bombs from up high.

Alternatives: B.52, B52
"I couldn't help but do a B52 at Walmart. I hate that place"
by Refreshment Boxx April 03, 2010
A band from the 1970s from Athens, GA that has two girls and a gay guy as their singers whose best album was their debut album, although they're all good after a few listens. While later albums like "Cosmic Thing", "Bouncing off the Satellites" and "Good Stuff" kind of sucked, you can't deny that songs like "52 Girls", "Private Idaho", "Dance This Mess Around", "6060842", and "Planet Claire" were some of the best new wave tracks ever recorded.
"Hay d00d i sawr Teh B52z on Family guy lololol it wuz hullaryuss Peter wuz singin Rock Lobsta"

"The B-52's are the second best new wave band ever."

Oh, and this one's from when I wore my B-52s shirt:
*looks up and down at shirt* "OOH I LUV TEH LOVE SHACK!!!1111"
by DevoB52s September 16, 2009
A properly rolled joint that contains at least, if not more than, 1 gram of marijuana.
Holy shit dude, I was so fucked up after one B-52 last night.
by high ass roller March 24, 2011
B-52s are the fat cats at parties and clubs who can get almost any girl they want because of their payload (money). Normally they're harmless and tend to hang around and flaunt their payload for kicks, just like in the Cold War. They can be a subclass of bogey.

Having a B-52 at your side can be helpful, especially when you're approaching a large group of all hot girls and the B-52 is needed to impress the group, and take the bitchy girls (whose bitchiness will by annihilated by the B-52 payload), leaving you with whichever hot girls remaining. DO NOT use a B-52 on a group of 1 to 3 hot girls since that would be overkill; he'll end up with all the girls and you'll be stuck with nothing.

There is a special kind of B-52 known as a Major Kong. A Major Kong is extremely confident and will hit on any girl (single or not) and may succeed in taking your girl. Besides being hard to bring down (humiliate), you'll need as much backup as you can, preferably the entire squadron, to bring down a Major Kong before he does any damage. Even when he goes down, he'll still use his payload as a last resort, so early interception is an absolute must.
Wingman: Bro, I think we've got a bogey here

Leadman: Yeah, you're right. It looks like they're hitting it off. I'm gonna intercept.

Wingman: I'll back you up.

Leadman: No need bro. I'll let him know she's dating me and he'll back off.

Wingman: Dude, look his Louis Vuitton suit. He's definitely a B-52.
by The Nataraja January 04, 2011
the act "b-52" is when a stripper squats over your head and squeezes out ice cubes from her vagina into your mouth...
the stripper performed a B-52, she squated over me as i was lying on the floor and squeezed the ice cubes from her snatch into my mouth...
by xntrick May 08, 2007
The act of hanging from the top of a stall in a comunal restroom, ass down, in order to defficate "from above".
"dude I just b52'd"
"well did you hit your mark"
"boy did I,it was like droping neghpalm duering the Vietnam war...god dam explosive diariea!"
by B52 in school May 06, 2007
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