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A euphemism for the anus, "b hole" is simply an abbreviated way to say "butt hole."
"So I was hanging out with Stacy last night and she started telling me she wanted it in her b hole, but I'm not into that so I just left."

"Man, their burritos are so spicy! Seriously, get their fuego burrito, last time I had one I ended up putting blister cream on my b hole."

"Dude, your cat has the biggest b hole I've ever seen."
by PacificJohnny January 16, 2008
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a different and new way to say butt hole or A hole. Commonly used by Daniel Tosh from Tosh.0
"this week there is no viewer video, because we found a clip of a heyenna eating a dead elephant"s B-hole
by Wiggly jiggly jerk March 03, 2011
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the hole thats better to shove things in
ur moms bhole hair was so thick that my dipstick kept getting caught in it
by urmom6969 September 29, 2006
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shortened (and cooler) version of "butthole"
(while prank phone calling)
"Do you like b-hole sandwiches becuase I do! i'm gonna come over and make out with you now."
by Julia Marino May 09, 2006
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YO! dawg my b-hole has been on fire ever since i got those alaskan crabs last week. Wooo dawg!
by Austin Schrauben September 22, 2007
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A form of narcolepsy caused by the ridiculously strong side effects of Benadryl. Similar to a K-Hole, which is the comparable side effect of using Ketamine, a cat tranquilizer, recriationally.
What do you mean you fell asleep mid-convo with Rochelle?..

I have bad allergies dude, I was in a B-Hole.
by TheOGqueenie312 September 27, 2013
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When you smoke too much weed and just pass the fuck out and have the best nap ever.
1: hey man, lets smoke this fattie!
2: alright! light it up
*4 hours later*
*both passed out on the floor*
*wake up*
1: dude it's 8...
by dontworryboutitttt March 18, 2011
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