Abbreviation for Beastie Boys and their fans
A fan could call themselves a b-boy/b-girl
by B-Boy C December 08, 2005
male breakdancer
woo look at his moves he's a dope b boy
by alex January 06, 2004
most people beleive that b boy only means breakdancing but there arefive elements of a b boy
1 breakdancing
2 mcing (rapping)
3 tagging (graffiti)
4 djing
5 beatboxing
all of these elements are the makings of a b boy
that group is made up of 5 b boys
by ibekillenem January 06, 2007
B Boy, The "B" stands for Beat. A Beat boy has anything to do with a beat, this entails: Rap, Breakdancing, Mixing, and some say graffiti.
"Check that b boy down the street, He's got killer skills"
by The Champ. June 16, 2007
1. male breakdancer(says it's originally break boy)

2. male from the bronx(says it;s originally bronx boy)

3. i b boy, you b boy, he b boys - doing breakdance moves.
Why you breaking yo legs for? You ain't no b boy.

P1: Doug that b boy's going for a driveby hit.
P2: Even dancers doing hits now? Damn i better stay strapped.
by 187Crip July 17, 2006

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