B stock is a unit that was used as a demo unit/ or display model normally by the manufacturer who then sells it to the retail stores at a lower price who then sells it to the public for a lower price.
We have that b stock item for 750 instead of the usual price of 900.
by Luke March 20, 2006
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adj; noun

1. Products that are often not new, but could be in first class condition and/or that have been returned opened but not damaged. Usually on a 'first come, first serve' basis.

3. A girl that's not new and fresh, but neither is she damaged goods.
1. Damn dude, check out the deals I can score on this b stock merch.

2. Sometimes you just gotta pick up a girl off the b stock shelf.
by MC Greater Than March 16, 2006
Products that were returned or refurbished, that have been re-boxed at a company or contract location to appear new and therefore have a full warranty when they reappear on the store shelves.
90% of what MicroCenter sells is b-stock.
by PyrexDragon June 30, 2012

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