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Omg, Zap is being an aznseal.
by Lollol BBQ October 27, 2007
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Aznseals humping my dog!
by o_O_O_o January 01, 2008
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The first aznseal originated in Asia, where a 14 year old azn boy had sex with a white seal. The cross contamination of Azn + White has not been specified or thoroughly investigated/examined by professional scientists. It is believed that there were more asian hormones than white hormones thus the seal produced was of asian foreign.

This lead to the birth of the worlds first aznseal.

Over many years, aznseal became an attention whore, a basiler, and quite unfortunately, a highly skilled SSBM player.

A fag.
1. Would you look at that aznseal! They say he's the only one of his species!

2. Omg! I just got owned by aznseal's Wavedash (SSBM move)!

3. Jack is such an aznseal.
by Anti-Aznseal February 13, 2008
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aznseal Pronunciation: ey-zhuhn-seel
1. A marine mammal originating from Asia
2. A famous basiler that if you don't know who he is, you have no business on basil
3. Skilled Super Smash Brothers Melee (SSBM) player

Origin: An Asian maplestory players IGN based of him being Asian and a seal
Chat Section basilmarket:

Person #1- OMG i play SSBM who else plays it
First Post aka aznseal - i pwnz0rz u nub

I want attention - aznseal

audrey is my bff - aznseal

by Naruto Uzamaki December 29, 2007
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A marine mammal of origins started back in the great east.
Look! An Aznseal! They're an endagered species here in africa!
by Zuicun May 13, 2008
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