1. the belief that asians can do something good
Most asians have azn pride.
by Pyro Jim October 15, 2004
Top Definition
- a worthless statement for being an "asian", even though they are not anyway connected to past asian generations establishing themselves as a uneducated culture more than anything else.

- Hangs out with only asians and no other else.

- TyP LiKe TIs n SpEn MoS TiMe on Da InTeRnEt.

- Rather speak their "native" tongue than english even at school, leading to shocking english speaking skills.

-Cannot do sport or refuses to.

- Listens to pop, rnb, hip-hop and more pop especially of their native tongue which is basically all computer generated.

- dress as wannabe gangstars even though they look more like idiots than "cool".

- the lists go on, so i am really banana
- "SuP HoMiE, wHy DoN't YeW HaVe AnY AzN Pride?"

"Because, my dear friend I respect my Asian ancestry more than you ever will, you worthless fuck you can't even bothered to spell asian properly, pride my ass"
by Hazza October 27, 2004
A song...
got rice bitch?
by ricemond December 06, 2003
A cry for attention. A phrase used by Asians who unknowingly embarrass their race by using it in public. Usually people who claim azn pride know nothing about their heritage.
"Oh yeah azn pride yo. I don't know anything about my heritage, but all my other loser friends say azn pride, so I'll do what they do and embarrass the rest of my race. I am a complete tool."
by Gangsta_Opie September 11, 2007
the only tru pryde dat exists in dis world...azn for life
'ázn-pride till i die baby'
by yangster MC May 11, 2003
An Asian- or Filipino-American who claims to have pride in his or her native country yet has little knowledge of it.
<Random Filipino> AzN pride!
<gs68> Okay, if you have so much damn pride in your country, would you mind telling me what "pasalubong" means?
<RF> wut?
<gs68> AHA! Just as I thought!
by gs68 August 18, 2004

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