I typing style commonly used by AzNs that resembles the typing style of a retarded child with a broken Caps Lock key.
by Shinigami June 12, 2003
Top Definition
It's not just uppercase lower case, it's butchered spellings of words to make them as difficult as possible to read.
(A normal conversation from me and my "azn cappers")

Them: aYe!
Me: Hi.
Them: h0w aRr y0oH dOin?
Me: I was better, but know I have to read your shitty ass typing
Them: aH hElL nAw yOoH dInT jUsT sAe dUt
by Waldo February 09, 2004
When Asians type with alternating capital and lower case letters
tO mAkE oUrSeLvEs EvEn MoRe IdEnTiFiAbLe LeTs TyPe LiKe ThIS.
by David Kaiser April 20, 2003
The stupidest typing style on the history of the planet, used by azns,azn wannabees, and people who don't know where the hell their Caps Lock key is located on the keyboard.
AzN PryDe DuDe!
by TheBurninator December 09, 2003
Everyone is saying that AZN's type in alternating caps rite?..well its not just azn's!

i have some friends that do it and are they asian?..noo there friggin aussies!
So dont just say "aww asians are so dumb, they cant spell or type properly" orite?

maYb uR wUndAr|n wAt rAcE i aM?? guEzZz? ;)
-pPLz hOo tyPe L|k3 d|zZz-
by ??..?? February 07, 2004
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