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An Azlan has good sense in woman, loves movies and will fight with a sword. A Azlan is a a strong fighter. Brave and has courage.If you mess with one you are dead. Azlan in Turkish means Lion. If you want to die,mess with an Azlan. If a Azlan had a Greek god as a father it would be Areas, god of war.
by Dorothée Frappier December 13, 2016
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Azlan is a mighty beast in the bed , when he fucks girls and women , he straight away gives them the pleasure that they need . His manhood can get really hard sometimes and can only be subdued by a hard blowjob or hardcore fuck . His actions can be so hard , that very few cougars can handle it . Even though he has nice sex schedule , he is always on the look out for sex.
Samantha - My current Boyfriend is a real beast in the bed , as soon as it enters me , its like im in a state of trance
Julie - You have found yourself an Azlan (while thinking about his hard dick)
by Beast111 December 27, 2016
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