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an extremly hot girl with big boobs and nice ass, she is really curvy. can be a bitch but is usually sensible. very smart. all the dudes want to have hot hard sex with her. has shy swag. is kind of funny!
damn im so horny i wish i had an azin to fuck so hard
The name Azin is of Persian origin.The meaning of Azin is "accessories, jewelry, Decoration ". Azin, is generally used as a girl's name. It consists of 4 letters and 2 syllables and is pronounced A-zin.
Her name is Azin , it comes with beauty
by jobran aljober January 22, 2013
An incredibly innocent, pretty and nice person. a good character inside and outside. The name comes from Parisian royal family. Azin is very charming, classy, very fit and smart person. She's a very smart, who is prone to success & happiness. she's always happy and makes everyone happy. always looks good no matter what she is wearing. usually has brown hair and beautiful eyes. believe me you never forget her.
She is so smart and am-Azin-g. is she as Azin
by Jobran January 22, 2013
1) The Fox that's the wife of Renmazue and works at The Knife and Riddle Inn on Furcadia. She likes to break things like (but not limited to) glasses, dishes, and Melisende's nose.

2) Bitchy. Disgruntled. Down right mean.
1) Renmazue Flinteye: Hey, did you see Azin outside? I think she broke Mel's nose for the fourth time in a row now.

Tybolt Atreides: !

2) God damn. Stop being such an azin, Azin.
by Fuzzy October 19, 2004

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