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A very nice, caring and intelligent girl who is there for anyone who may need her help, she is also a great friend who also has an outstanding personality. she also may not know it but she can also attract a boy near by....she's a one of a kind.
Omg here comes "Azia"!
by appleebunnii June 09, 2015
Pwnage on a whole new level.
omg its azia!
by crackhead March 16, 2004
A creative way to spell Asia. People named Asia with a Z are usually insanely creative beings.
Girl 1: What's your name? Girl 2: My name is Azia. Girl 1: With an S or a Z? Girl 2: With a Z. Girl 1: OMG, can I follow you on Pinterest?
by Mrs. Merriam Webster August 13, 2015
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