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means free or freedom in both Kurdish and Farsi
by ntrancedb July 05, 2009
Someone who is noble and will stick up for their friends. They will always put others before themselves.
Dude. I can't believe you backed me up in that fight. That was so azad of you.
by The Brooklyn OG January 29, 2012
Devious, manipulator, crafty, intelligent
- He was/is such/so an azad!
by Detcra January 22, 2012
A really nice person that rarely says 'no' to others.
That guy just gave me free food! What an azad!
by a person named man February 18, 2012
Typical name for a person who is "pussy", or has no balls; one who acts aloof; one who may be hiding his homosexuality
Azad couldn't ask Joyce Lee to prom and stayed aloof despite his friends' urges.
by Real Hustla's February 14, 2011
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