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Aylesbury is a small town located between Luton, Milton keynes and close to many shit places such as slough.
Aylesbury is overun by chavs, pakis and rudeboys.
Great place to go if you want to be beaten shitless. After 2 minutes of stepping into aylesbury you will most certanly be offered some of the finest e's and skunk, dealt by the jamaican community and the chavs. Places to avoid at night are stoke mandeville flats, bedgrove park where you WILL be accused of burgalry at least once. (personal expericances).
I lived in aylesbury for 15 years and now live inmaidstonewhich isnt much better, the only difference is in maidstone they are all white wannabes, pikeys, chavs and pricks in aylesbury it is mainly the asian community starting on people who enter the kabab shop they hang in and the black community who from the "hp20" who smack passers by with baseball bats, (again personal experiance).
The schools include The Grange which attempts to educate the asain community but ends up with a teacher getting stabbed with a chisel.

You can find most of the chavs hanging outside mc donalds smoking a spliff and starting on family shoppers.
"Im goin to aylesbury tomorrow"
"Wear a vest and stay hidden"

"oi blud, u got 10?"
"yh blud lets go"

"hi kids! want a tablet!?"
by (dvc) June 30, 2006
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