used ALOT by native americans which is usually follwed after a joke, something funny.
chee she's a ugly chick and says she's so ugly....she could make a blind child cry then chris goes AYE...
by x December 05, 2003
Shortened form of the naval phrase "aye aye." Usually used in operations to speed communications.
Officer of the Deck: "Helm, make your course 149."
Helmsman: "Making course 149, aye."
by MaddogS September 30, 2003
a scottish word used for hundreds of years and is popular with scottish/non scottish people.
Big man:Are you ok?
Wee man:Noh but I would of said aye before I seen your ugly face!

p.s. Do not try to say aye if-
1-Your accent is WRONG
2-Only say aye to people you know or to an audience
3-Say aye to people who cant pronounce it!
by noh you anywi August 05, 2005
its how the second mates would say yes on the pirate ship..cause if they didnt they'd be made to walk the plank..YARRRRRR!!!
P.S: they gotta say it two time..aye aye captain!
by facehead October 05, 2004
A word that Mexican want to be gangsters use after every sentence and sometimes to begin a sentence. It is used mostly when talking about drugs, gangs or something illegal.
Aye fool, did you get that weed?

Yo, you like that shirt, Aye!
by K-R-V November 05, 2007
New zealand way of saying excuse me? What? Or pardon
Aye wots dat?
by Anonymous September 08, 2003
Term used By Harlems own Juelz Santana from Dipset . Juelz made da term popular by using it in his songs and shit
Whistle Song- Santana AyE! , OoO Dere it go AYE AYE AYE!
by BuGzSz December 16, 2005
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