A word that Mexican want to be gangsters use after every sentence and sometimes to begin a sentence. It is used mostly when talking about drugs, gangs or something illegal.
Aye fool, did you get that weed?

Yo, you like that shirt, Aye!
by K-R-V November 05, 2007
New zealand way of saying excuse me? What? Or pardon
Aye wots dat?
by Anonymous September 08, 2003
Term used By Harlems own Juelz Santana from Dipset . Juelz made da term popular by using it in his songs and shit
Whistle Song- Santana AyE! , OoO Dere it go AYE AYE AYE!
by BuGzSz December 16, 2005
Shakespearean English word meaning 'yes'. Aye is now used in Northern England and amongst posh people.
"More tea?"
by Soiled Undergarment August 17, 2003
A word meaning hello in a funny way.
Aye Mike!!
by Emo Kid June 02, 2003
Japanese players will shout this during a Yun Genei Jin custom combo in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. American players adopted this and made it sound dumb and stupid.
aye! aye! aye! aye! aye! aye!
by |MJ| July 17, 2005
A name that will forever serve as a memorandum among Ethel, Walter and MQ
Oooo, I am walter, a foolish 79-year old wanna-be sea captain... I want my Aye!
by Java February 15, 2003

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