The coolest way to say hello
Boy 1 : Aye
Boy 2 : Oh my god he is so cool. I wish I was him
by Lilbig April 12, 2016
What hipsters say instead of yes
"Wanna go to Mcdonalds?"
"Fuck off"
by Razorshark January 11, 2016
A question following a statement. An assurance of the statement it follows. Commonly used in Canada.
Molson beer is good, aye?
by Adam Hobbs May 14, 2008
Pronounced "A's"
Meaning that a person is just fucking with your head, Joking with you, or just bullshitting you
Jake: Hey Dave were all out of beer.

Dave: what the fuck, I just bought some.

Jake: Ayes, im just fuckin wit cha, calm your ass down your gonna wake up my roommate.
by hog333 November 16, 2006
The way New Zealanders incorrectly spell "eh", "ae", " ay " , and " a" because they are quite isolated and stupid
" sweet as aye"

Translation: " sweet as (it is very good) eh?"
by friend of the devils sister's March 13, 2014
Something people on reservations say when their joking around. Kind of like saying "just kidding".
Tom: I just hit the jackpot at the casino!!
Tom: Aye!!!!
by gnigrahc June 29, 2011
A commonly used adlib, used by rapper O.J Da Juiceman.

4 out of every 10 words in his lyrics is the word "Aye".
"Quarter brick, half a brick, whole brick, Aye

Aye, Aye, Aye, Ok.
by DJ Lotto September 29, 2009
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