It means her/this girl in chaldean/assyiran (Iraq)
"many?" "aya"

"who?" "her"
by chaldean August 13, 2012
definitely ghetto, i mean, nothing is more ghetto than this bitch. She tries to be black but, all she can be, is asian, she tries to be white, she gets asian, her adress is 534 Pelican Lawn Trailer Park. MMM-HMM. 'nuff said.
Guy: "whoa, is she black?!"
Guy2: " girl, you trippin' she ain't black."
Guy: "you right, but we ain't white, we ain't white, we definitely ain't white, break it down now."
Aya butts in,
Guy2: " nah, this shit ain't right."
by dubled's December 21, 2011
a short person. aya is weird and parties in SOUTH DAKOTA (not deigo) shes cool except that she steals benches from homeless people. she also thinks that hamster cruelty is ok when its NOT
basically shes a short person who will kill u in ur sleep :)

2: aya: ch-ch-charlie brown

by haha3 February 02, 2009
an extremely vain person who will call you vain as an escuse for being vain
AYA: zain...your vain..
ZAIN: no:$
by zeny donnfingg blup blup March 31, 2005
A person who is a totaly hypocritical follower of Jesus Christ. Someone who when you try to get close to will blame you for all her trouble. And don't try to text her, she'll take everything you say the complete wrong way, and then you'll be in fights every other day! Then she'll complain and tell your other friends, that you did something wrong, and turn them against you... All the while hitting on all the other guys you like. And sleeping with as many as she can along the way.
Text: Omg, guess what happened?
Aya: Why does everything ALWAYS have to be about you?
text: I'm sorry... What's up?
Aya: Nothing.
Text: How are you?
Aya: Good
Text:... Guess what?
by sarah.lily.clavier January 24, 2010

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