Another name for Arapahoe Basin ski area in Montezuma, CO
"Where do you want to going sking today?"

"Ay Bay Bay, son!"

by drewhoj October 07, 2009
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A slang name for the most epic the ski area ever, Arapahoe Basin, in beautiful Colorado. If you haven't been to Ay bay bay you have not been living life to the fullest.
Go to Ay bay bay duh!
by Snowboarder Forever September 15, 2010
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To agree or state "i'm down with that."
In the Club: That girls hot and your friend say Ay Bay Bay

or I heard you got drunk last night, and your friend goe Ay Bay Bay
by Travis Stiltameki August 09, 2007
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a hit of acid or the trip of said hit
Damn i was trippin' after that ay bay bay the other night
by gunthermanOG January 09, 2008
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