gansta's slang for hey baby
i saw this bitch walking down the street and i said ay bay bay
by jason t123 June 28, 2007
1) A song by Hurricane Chris.
2) An other way of saying, "Hey baby."
3) Does anyone else think it sounds like someone with a british accent?
Hurricane Chris: "I'm In Da Club Hollerin' Ay Bay Bay"
by ,xo Tel September 10, 2007
a hit of acid or the trip of said hit
Damn i was trippin' after that ay bay bay the other night
by gunthermanOG January 09, 2008
To agree or state "i'm down with that."
In the Club: That girls hot and your friend say Ay Bay Bay

or I heard you got drunk last night, and your friend goe Ay Bay Bay
by Travis Stiltameki August 09, 2007

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