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One who's only desire is to be trapped on the world with a male so he has an excuse to be a homosexual.
Don't be such an Ay M!
Wow, an Ay M WOULD do that!
#loser #moron #nerd #bad kid #antisocialist
by EveryoneWhoCares February 05, 2008
A cocky, self centered, immature, childish, nerd that doesn't yet understand that nobody cares about him.
Ay M is one who would eat a little baby and enjoy it.
Ay M is one who enjoys homosexual intercourse with an older male.*See FORZA*
Ay M is one who will, at any means necessary, lick his own penis.
#dick licker #homosexual #adult predator #man lover #gay gaggle of gooses
by EveryoneWhoCares February 01, 2008
A great leader who is devoted to his clan.
F2p Fagacy: When I get over 50 combat and grow up big I want to be like Ay m!
#cool #leader #ownspa #sexy #hot
by Whowantstoknow?? February 02, 2008
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