The elite counter-strike clan found in #axion-team who has that 1337 haxor simple who pwns them bones.
"Yo son we played Axion today and they whipped the shit out of us 20-4" - citn -:- BuDDaH
by link May 27, 2003
Top Definition
Someone who has two fathers and refuses to come clean about their sexual orientation. To compensate for their repressed raging homosexuality they date underage girls.
Look at that guy whining like a girl all the time and making indie mixes. What? That's his girlfriend? I thought that was his little sister. What an axion!
by Bace May 14, 2008
A sexy beast who everyone wants to get their hands on.
by Trance baby :D March 22, 2003
AxioN is pwning s0m3 b1sh3s!
AxioN is the man, I need some AxioN.

AxioN is shiznit
by Marc May 26, 2004
a.k.a. "action"
sexual intercourse
Your mom is coming by tonight so I'm pretty sure I'll get some axion.
by Spit Blood April 15, 2003
a person who likes it up the arse by trance and who looks up to ants
by Anonymous March 22, 2003
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