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addled, backward, besotted, boring, brainless, daffy, daft, dense, dim, dim-witted, doltish, dumb, feeble-minded, half-baked, half-witted, ignorant, imbecilic, indolent, insensate, low, moronic, not bright, numskulled, obtuse, retarded, scatterbrained, shallow, simple, simple-minded, slow, sluggish, stolid, stupid, tedious, thick, unintellectual, vacuous, wearisome, witless
Mike's thought patterns are axaman.
by Anonymous April 09, 2003
An african-american term sometimes used when referring to a male.
Woman #1 at supermarket to Woman #2: "Da shelf was too high, so I hadda axaman to reach it fo me."
by Javin August 19, 2004
A trite, stereotypical New Yorker. Has the quintessential accent and the understood rudeness of a rube.
Look at that ass.. he must be an Axaman.
by asw March 12, 2003